SPOTLIGHT: High Society Pizza

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If there’s anything I feel knowledgeable enough to have an opinion on, it’s a slice of pizza. My credentials include working as a line cook for a pizzeria, coming in second place for a pizza eating contest, and being from New Jersey (totally legit reasons).

 Today I’m here to grade High Society Pizza. Find them on Thursdays at Civic Center Eats.

 First off, A+ for smell. They were the last truck on the row when I visited, and I could smell that cheesey, garlicky, greasy scent of pizza. I didn’t get the best view of their kitchen space, but I saw a pizza rack in the window which always gives me a familiar feeling of home.

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 I went with plain cheese…and a side of cheese curds. I was a bit baffled at there being cheese curds on the menu, but I’m also not one to scoff at a crispy curd.

The wait wasn’t long, which is great because I was hungry, and wanted to relax as much as possible on my lunch break. The cheese curds were crispy and satisfying and look how many we got for $7!

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On to the pizza. One of the least greasy slices I’ve come across. Cheese was still a bit bubbly coming out of the oven. Crust was firm, but flexible – it could hold the weight of the toppings, but also bend into a beautiful fold. Then an accidental cheese-pull with the first bite, perfection.

 Personally, I wanted there to be more grease and a bit thinner crust – yes, I’m being overly critical, but I can be, so there! But really, it’s a damn good slice and you should try it this week at Civic Center Eats.


Keith, the owner & chef behind High Society Pizza, promises delicious pizza made from high-quality ingredients to use in their handmade pizza dough. I had high expectations here.

Also on the menu, cheesesteaks, salads, and buffalo wings. Pretty extensive menu as far as food trucks go.

 This Summer, I’m partnering with Civic Center EATS to highlight Denver’s incredible food trucks! This is a paid partnership, however all views expressed are my own.

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Julie Rodriguez