What I Learned From Salt Fat Acid Heat (Netflix)

photo courtesy of Netflix

photo courtesy of Netflix

I’m a food show addict – Chef’s Table, Nailed It, Great British Baking Show, yeah I’ve seen it. But Salt Fat Acid Heat has been hanging on my ‘List’ for a couple months now. With the craziness of the holidays, I simply hadn’t had time to dedicate to the four part series.

 It wasn’t until I opened up Samin Nosrat’s book also entitled Salt Fat Acid Heat on Christmas Day that I decided to pregame the book by checking out the Netflix series! Consider the show BINGE WATCHED.

Overall, incredible show that would make even the most novice chef feel ready to tackle a whole chicken. I couldn’t believe how many helpful, simple and most importantly – actionable tips Samin provides. Below I have outlined the best advice from the series.


Salt Your Water

This might have been one of those things everyone but myself knew already but it was such an ‘ah ha’ moment! I remember during my line cook days talking about why food in restaurants tastes so much better than at home. The answer? Proper seasoning! This includes salting your boiling water that you use to steam or blanch veggies, cook pasta, etc.

I’ve now made pasta and broccoli and I can confirm this whole salting your water thing has changed the taste of my food!

Dry and Salt your Meat

Aside from salting your water, Samin reminds us to properly salt our meat! Not only that, but take the time to dry your meat from purge or other juices that might be taking away from the flavor. Than salt it to enhance the flavor. Leave it to marinade overnight or a couple hours to really bring out the best tastes. Thanks science! 

 EVOO has an Expiration Date

There’s so much more I learned about olive oil from the episode where Samin spent a bunch of time in Italy. Side note…really impressed she knows both Italian and Spanish!

One of the biggest takeaways I had was that EVOO has an expiration date. I absolutely resonated with her friend that kept the fancy olive oil for so long, never wanting to actually use it, but let’s be honest, it’s doing a lot less good sitting in your cabinet or on a shelf when you could be enjoying the delicious taste! Take a minute to check out the ‘Best buy’ date on your EVOO, it might just surprise you.

 Don’t Crowd the Pan

I’m so guilty of this one. I pack pans with veggies instead of dirtying up a second pan. Well my dislike of extra dishes has been costing me correctly cooked veggies for a decade! Samin says that creating space allows for steam to escape properly and the veggies can brown and caramelize! Time to correct my wrongdoing and spend the extra 30 seconds washing another pan.


Whether your looking to kick-start your culinary hobby, a total novice trying to get a grasp on things, or an experienced chef who’s got it down pat, take the time to check out Salt Fat Acid Heat. Who knows? It might be the first step in nailing your own Netflix series!

Julie Rodriguez