Where to work when you work from home in Denver


When your living room doubles as the office and your coworkers are covered in fur, sometimes you just need to get the heck out of the house! After working from home for over a year, I’ve figured out my favorite places to have meetings, grab lunch and get a little face-to-face action when I can’t motivate myself with two dogs and a cat staring at me. Here are my favorite spots around Denver to work from when you work from home.


Denver Central Market

Probably my most frequented on the list. It’s become a hub for meetings and grabbing the coveted corner booth! There’s coffee from Crema with some of the friendliest baristas in town. Croissants can be smelled baking, fruit bowls heard blending, and damn that wood-fired pizza gets me every time. I’m also a huge fan of the meatless Monday tacos from SK Provisions.

I love having meetings here because of the convenient 30-minute parking spots. There is 2-hour street parking if you need/want to stay longer. Not a ton of outlets to charge, but get there early enough (between 9-11) and you’ll easily get a spot along the booth row, under the TVs, to plug-in. There are outlets at the bar…just saying.

Sit here for a while and you’ll really get the feel of RiNo and probably run into a friend or two. Hey, socialization!


Another great spot for meetings. Fair warning – there are NO outlets at Crema. Something I’m actually attracted to because it forces me to utilize my battery to focus and get the work done that I need to.

Crema not only offers some of the best coffee in town, but their teas and smoothies are on point. My favorite thing to get is a cold brew with a veggie burrito. Although, I hear their daily quiches featuring a meat and veggie option are stellar.

2-hour street parking, tons of seating – even offering a back patio! Join me here for a cozy work session any day of the week.


Bang Up To The Elephant!

I know this one’s a surprise, but hear me out! If you haven’t had a chance to check out BUTTE for lunch or dinner, then, well, do that first and then come back in the AM for some delicious caffeine drinks. I was able to find street parking easily and then plopped down for a couple hours enjoying the open French doors and vibrant atmosphere. Seriously, have you seen this incredibly decorated spot?

WiFi with a side of vegan guava doughnuts? Yeah, OK!!

I enjoyed a coconut milk latter while I edited photos and drafted my client’s content calendar. This out of the box space is the perfect place to spend a couple hours feeling tropical. Also, they offer a pretty great lunch menu, so why not turn that coffee grind into a lunch meeting?

Black Eye Coffee

Head over to the highlands for a spot that’s a little more quiet, although it’s not any less packed. Black Eye Coffee is a rustic spot that is surrounded by modern homes and within walking distance of Avanti, There…, and Root Down.

There’s wifi, tons of street parking, and delicious lattes to fuel you through your workday. I enjoy the natural light that floods into the space and the crowd of hustling freelancers that take up space during the day.



Two words: avocado toast. That’s how I originally discovered Portside, the coffee shop in the shipping container that welcomes you to RiNo. The staff here is some of the friendliest, and I’m a huge Huckleberry fan, so of course, I’m obsessed with their coffee.

Wifi speed, available parking, and a chill atmosphere all contribute to why Portside made my list. Not to mention the fact they have booze if, a spot to caffeinate than celebrate.

Honestly, I’d come here for the witty sign outside alone. Not sure what I mean? Head to their Instagram page.


I can’t work in coffee shops every day, a girl has a budget. But for when I’m really needing some social interaction and a heavily caffeinated beverage, these are the spots you’ll likely find me around Denver, Colorado!

Julie Rodriguez