5 Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

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Hey Denver! Have you noticed how much the food scene here is BLOWING up? Seriously, it feels like there’s a new sushi bar or speakeasy opening every week. If you have a friend or SO that is always on top of what’s hot and fresh in the Mile High City here’s a list of gifts you might want to get them this holiday season.

photo courtesy of @hungryhungry_hipsters

photo courtesy of @hungryhungry_hipsters

For the Fancy Foodie: Feast Locally

You have a list of places you want to try, we all do this, but what’s it going to take for you to finally get there? Feast Locally is a Denver based membership card that gets you discounts at some of the hottest places in town. Members can look forward to 15-20% off their total bill (including booze!) at 3-4 restaurants every month. The deals only last for that month, giving you the necessary motivation to finally check out that spot you stalk on Instagram but keep making excuses to try later.

Price: 6 month membership $100 | Buy Here

photo courtesy of @teatuliateas

photo courtesy of @teatuliateas

For the Cozy Foodie: Teatulia Tea of the Month

Tis the season for sitting on the couch and watching Broad City. Warm up with a monthly flavor of tea from Teatulia, a local company! Look forward to the package every month where you can try a new flavor each month and really decide what your favorite tea is. Plus, they have a location in the highlands where you can stop in to check out all the available options.

Price: $35-$120 | Buy Here

For the Future Restaurateur Foodie: Dining Out Passbook

Need even more of an excuse to get out there? The Dining Out Passbook offers 2-for-1 deals on both food AND drink across the city. I can personally attest to using the crap out of this guide. Good for people who are just moving here or are playing catch up with all the new spots, use the Passbook as a guide for your foodie adventures.

Price: $99 | Buy Here

Use code DENVERNOMZ2018 for a special discount! (psst..it'll make the book $39)

For the Hands-On Foodie: Cook Street School Class

Become the culinary chef you’ve always dreamed of! JK, but taking a class at Cook Street School is not only practical, it’s a total blast. Cook Street is a legit culinary school that offers one off classes like knife skills, French/Italian/Spanish cooking, and others that are perfect for anyone looking for a fun night and getting their hands dirty. You’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor with a full meal at the end of each class because eating is obviously the best part. Plus it’s right downtown so you can always grab a couple drinks after and make a night of it!

Price: Varies per class | Find the calendar here

photo courtesy of @passportprogram

photo courtesy of @passportprogram

For the Boozy Foodie: Denver Passport Program

Denver is ALL about the deals. The Passport Program has put together this awesome guide to Denver’s best drinks. Each bar offers a 2-for-1 special on beer and cocktails they want you to try. I’ve used this nifty guy every season and have discovered some of the coolest spots like Ft Greene Bar in Sunnyside. Grab this booklet and make your own bar crawl.

Price: $20 | Buy Here

I hope this guide helps find a good choice of gift for the foodie in your life! 

Some of these links are affilient links and I may get a little something for sharing, but all opinions, experiences and photos are mine unless otherwise stated! Keepin' it real up in here.